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Great Grandparents Yankee Pat Tinneny with Margaret Malloy Tinneny [paternal side]
Bob Sickinger’s grandfather was Michael   Sickinger [paternal side]
Bob Sickinger’s grandmother was Catherine Tinneny. [paternal side]
Information on family:
Bob Sickinger’s grandmother was Josephine Perotta Raimondo [maternal side]
Bob Sickinger’s grandfather was Camille Raimondo . [maternal side]
Bob Sickinger’s mother was Mary Raimondo:
Born and raised in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, at age 14 turned from domestic work to working in the textile factories there. She met Frank Sickinger driving the Bergdoll race car on Main St and they married. Her boys Francis and Bob were the love of her life. She later married Joseph Markoski who was Plant Superintendent at Container Corp.
Bob Sickinger’s father was Frank P. Sickinger
Born and raised in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. At age 14 Frank was working on racing cars owned by the wealthy Bergdoll family in West Philadelphia. http://www.smsmusic.org/Branches/WPB.htm in where his mother worked as a domestic. This experience with vehicles served him well when he was 16 enlisted in the US Army in World War I. He served as a driver in Europe during the war and frequently drove a motorcycle with sidecar, like the one in the photograph above. He drove many of the senior officers and celebrities who visited the troops along the front lines, including the famous songwriter Irving Berlin. He owned and operated his own Motor Freight Co. He later married Charlotte Grabowski and had two daughters Bob’s half sisters Patricia and Charlene.

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